Donations Policy

‘A policy statement by Perry and Phillips Funeral Directors regarding donations in memory of a deceased person, given at the time of a funeral service, in lieu of floral tributes.

Our ongoing effort in providing transparency and traceability of all services carried out by Perry and Phillips and relating to those monies (donations), and the manner in which they are accounted for and handled, the Directors here feel it is vitally important that the policy of Perry and Phillips Funeral Directors in relation to collating and disposing of charitable donations by this Company is set out here and made very clear to everyone.

Sadly, we are no longer living with the dignity, respect and integrity of the 1950’s !! Because of this, our policy regarding donations is quite clear, and has been for many, many years;

Donations MUST be paid direct to the Family, direct to the Charity(ies) or donated online on a donations page which we will set up on every occasion through ‘Memory Giving’ on our website ( and follow the ‘donations’ link)

NO members of our teams are permitted to accept ANY donations handed to them at ANY funeral service, at ANY venue. EVER. This is not because they are not interested, or that they are dishonest and will misappropriate those donations. It is purely and simply for our security and for the reassurance of the donors.

Any donations paid into either of our Offices, at Highley, or at Bridgnorth, will be counted in the presence of the donor and an official receipt will be given for them at that time. Any cash received by us will be banked into our ‘donations account’, which, for our further security and for the reassurance of all our Client’s, is audited every month by our Accountants.

We will hold those donations for ‘about’ 28 days, as quite often donations in the form of cheques, made payable to the pertinent Charity, are forwarded to us through the postal system. We then send those donations out to the appropriate Charity, under cover of a full written letter confirming all details, through the postal system.

A copy of that letter, together with any cards, letters or envelopes giving the identity of the donors, is sent to the Family. We instruct all Charities that a receipt is to be sent direct to the Family, NOT to us, on every occasion.

We feel that this system, which has evolved over many years, gives security and reassurance to our Client’s, and to all of the teams here at Perry and Phillips Funeral Directors.’

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