Disbursements (Third Party Fees)

Disbursements (Third party payments - as of May 2019)

Cremation CostsChurch Service (Costs may vary)
Emstrey Crematorium£766
(£383 for double)
Funeral service in Church£190
Emstrey Crematorium (unattended)£499Burial in Churchyard before/after service in Church£303
Emstrey Crematorium (Early service of 8.45am)£626Cremation before or after service in Church£42
Emstrey Crematorium (Saturday service)£1,149Burial in Bridgnorth Town Cemetery£27
Telford Crematorium£924Organist / verger / heating£249
Telford Crematorium (unattended)£499Burial fees
Telford Crematorium (Early service of 9.30)£757Bridgnorth Town Cemetery – Exclusive Right of Burial £952 (Concession Lawn area only)
Telford Crematorium (Saturday service)£1,335 Bridgnorth Town Cemetery – Interment£577 (Concession - Woodland / Lawn)
Wyre Forest Crematorium£984
(£492 double slot)
Use of Cemetery Chapel£116
Wyre Forest Crematorium (unattended)£675Wolverhampton Council Cemeteries
Wyre Forest Crematorium (early service of 9.30am)£800Exclusive Right of Burial (for 75 years, for persons 17 years and over)£1922
Wyre Forest  Crematorium (Saturday service)£1,476 Interment fees£1040
Bushbury Crematorium£865Child under 17 years of age on any section, in any Wolverhampton Cemetery Free of Charge
Gornal Wood Crematorium£877Much Wenlock Town Council (100 years)Resident: £810
Non-Resident: £1620
Stourbridge Crematorium£877Albrighton - St Mary Magdalene
£345 - May - Sept
£405 - Oct - Apr
Doctors Cremation forms (4&5)
(unless H.M. coroner issues form 6)
£164Broseley Town Cemetery
Broseley Town Cemetery:
Interment fee for person over 12 years
Grave digging (Single)
Grave digging (Double)
Grave digging (Treble)

Perry & Phillips Funeral Directors are members of the National Association of Funeral Directors and act in accordance with The Code of Practice that sets out the high standard of service that bereaved families may expect from its members.


Being a Family run establishment, we also strive to ensure our environmental procedures are at the highest of standards and are constantly being reviewed. You can download our policy here below.

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