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John Adams of Perry and Phillips qualified as an approved Tutor with the NAFD in 2016. Since then he has taken students through both ‘The Diploma in Funeral Arranging and Administration’ and ‘The Diploma in Funeral Directing’.

“It is our aim to not only offer the highest level of care at Perry and Phillips but to also try and raise standards where possible”

Both Diplomas are undertaken at Perry and Phillips in their education suite, however, John also carries out training at the location of the Funeral Directors to which can be tailored to meet their company requirements.

“Our approach is flexible and the support does not stop at the end of the course”

Qualifications that are designed to enable progression.

The NAFD are in the midst of developing a new framework of education and training programmes which replace the former Diploma in Funeral Arranging and Administration (Dip.FAA) and Diploma in Funeral Directing (Dip.FD).  The new education and training programmes will be launched in a phased approach starting with the new NAFD Funeral Directing DipFD, which will be open for new registrations in February 2021.  Please check back for further information in February.

Designed for funeral arrangers and administrators wishing to progress into the role of funeral directing, and for existing Funeral Directors to gain the comprehensive knowledge and skills required to perform more effectively in the role.

  1.  Funeral Directing within a Commercial Environment.
  2.  Standards of Professional Practice and Premises.
  3.  Maintaining and Monitoring Health and Safety.
  4.  Care, Preparation and Presentation of the deceased.
  5.  Managing Communication.
  6.  Bequeathal.
  7.  Repatriation.
  8.  Burial at Sea.
  9.  A Funeral for more than one Deceased.
  10.  Final planning prior to Conducting the Funeral.
  11.  Manage and Conduct the Funeral.
  12.  Exhumation of Human Remains.

Next Course Dates

 NAFD Funeral Directing Dip FD: Saturday 22nd October – Online and ‘in person’.

This is a 12 month course which is carried out at Perry & Phillips training facility. Access is available for those unable to travel or at a distance with Screens setup in the classroom so full interaction is ensured at all times.

  • Dress code: Smart casual.
  • Lunch is provided (Courtesy of Vintage Chefs of Bridgnorth)
  • For costs of the course please inquire to enquiries@perryandphillipsfunerals.com


You can view the NAFD courses here: Available Courses – NAFD Education

Tutor Profile

John Adams, a Fourth-generation Funeral Director, who has been involved in the funeral industry from a very young age.

“I left school at the age of 16 and joined my Family service, after a year of being full-time I felt I was too young to be in the industry. At the age of 18 I joined the Royal Navy and soon became an ‘Electronic Warfare Director’, this role enabled me to react in high-pressure situations and handling highly sensitive material. Serving in the Gulf War in 2008 and seeing some very interesting places all over the World in my 8 years served.

I felt at the age of 26 I was ready to re-join the Family service and push on with what I had always intended on doing and now with some life experience behind me. On re-joining in 2012, I immediately carried out my Diploma in Funeral Arranging and Administration with NAFD approved Tutor, David Barrington of ‘Barrington Funeral Directors’ of Waterloo, Liverpool, and immediately progressed on with The Diploma in Funeral Directing in 2015. These courses really enabled me to voice my thoughts, discuss other options and express myself in a safe, confidential environment, a teaching method I also strive to provide”

“I am approachable, honest and fair, and want to develop training and standards for the individuals and companies within the funeral industry at all levels.”

“Having provided training for a range of Funeral Directors, from small independents to head trainer for one of the largest Co-operates in the U.K. I feel I have gained a broad understanding of the operations of how the Funeral industry works.’


Educational Fees

  • NAFD Approved Tutor Fees:

NAFD approved tutors are all qualified to national teaching standards, which means that, you will work with tutors who recognise that everyone has differing learning needs and as such, will respect and treat you as an individual.

Your tutor knows how to bring out the best in students, and as such, tutors have the flexibility to ensure that you receive a standard of tuition that you deserve.

Your tutor fees are in addition to the NAFD Registration Fee. Tutor fees will provide:

  • access to a qualified tutor trained to national teaching standards.
  • access to a training venue fit for purpose and conducive to learning.
  • access to a series of tutor-led face to face  workshops for each learning module
  • access to ongoing tutor support for guidance in-between workshops, either via a live pre-agreed time for an online discussion; via telephone conference calls; or perhaps additional face to face meetings where appropriate.
  • access to NAFD approved tutor feedback on your progress and coursework assessment.


  • Professional / Registration fees:

NAFD Diploma Student Registration

  • access to the NAFD’s core qualification learning materials.
  • access to NAFD Learning Zone – a new Online Learning System for you to gain access to the study materials 24/7; exchange and share resources and ideas with other funeral service students: an online system for submitting and safekeeping of all your coursework.
  • access to additional accessibility resources, should you have any additional learning needs as a result of having dyslexia for example.
  • access to a range of online learning resources to help you to brush up on your English and Maths if you find you would benefit from a little extra help.
  • access to all qualification related learning and assessment information you need to succeed.
  • should any unforeseen /unplanned events happen in your life, a maximum period of two years for you to complete your studies and final assessment.
  • final award certification.


  • Examination Fees:

The fees you pay for your final examination include the following:-

  • assessment support from a team of NAFD approved and trained examiners
  • sampling of coursework throughout the period of your learning, to ensure the standards of coursework uploaded to our platform are appropriate to the learning outcomes of the qualification
  • access to a final oral examination (appropriate to the Diploma in Funeral Arranging and Administration) access to a final written examination.

2020 Examination fees range from £140.00 to £195.00 dependant on the number and type of exam taken.


  • Student Discount:

NAFD Diploma students have the added benefit of applying for an NUS Extra Totum Pro Discount Card.

For further information please contact the NAFD Education team at trainingadmin@nafd.org.uk


  • Numeracy and Literacy: 

The National Association of Funeral Directors are keen to ensure our registered students and their employers have access to external resources to assist in the further development of key skills in English and Maths – if appropriate.

BBC Skillswise offers adult learners a range of useful resources for adult learners. Useful resources can be found at www.bbc.co.uk/skillswise

Topics covered include:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary

Topics covered include:

  • Whole numbers
  • Measures, shape and space
  • Fractions, % and decimals
  • Handling data


For further information, course fees and availability, please contact john@perryandphillipsfunerals.com


Perry & Phillips Funeral Directors are members of the National Association of Funeral Directors and act in accordance with The Code of Practice that sets out the high standard of service that bereaved families may expect from its members.

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