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MyFuneralRequest is more than just planning your funeral

256-Bit SSL Security

When you join MyFuneralRequest your data is kept secure using the latest in SSL security. This means your data cannot be accessed by an unauthorised person. We take data security very seriously and regularly test our website.


As part of your sign up process, you will be asked if you want to receive information about various services. These are entirely voluntary and can be updated later if you change your mind.

Share your profile with friends & family

If you wish, you can choose people to share your profile with by using their email address. This mean that they will be able to see your profile, but not be able to make any changes.

Easy Sign-up

Our user friendly sign up process makes creating your profile really easy. When you want to update your profile in the future, the same easy process you use during sign up can be used to update your profile.

Select a Funeral Director

One of the most important parts of signing up to MyFuneralRequest is that you can choose to select a Funeral Director near you to look after your information as you update it.


Periodically we will email you to remind you about keeping your information up to date. We do not send unnecessary emails to you unless it is about your account profile.


Pictured Mrs. Lyn Vowles from Andrews Ritson Solicitors who have joined the site to give out legal information when requested by a user

png-myfuneralrequest-approved-white is a website enabling the bereaved the reassurance that the funeral was carried out to what their loved ones requested.

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