Many people wish to provide for their funeral expenses and a funeral prepayment plan is a caring, sensible and cost-effective way to do so.

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The Shropshire Funeral Plan from Perry & Phillips Bridgnorth

Most of us, as we get older, expect to be able to provide the money needed to meet our funeral expenses. It is a matter of independence and the responsibility of leaving our affairs in order for our relatives and friends. We do not often talk about it, because there is no need to, but the fact is that funerals cost money, and we want to take care of the cost.

Many people wish to provide for their funeral expenses and a funeral prepayment plan is a caring, sensible and cost-effective way to do so.

The advantage of a prepayment plan over a savings account or life insurance policy is that you can fix our direct costs and make a contribution towards third party fees in advance. Our plans are administered by Ecclesiastical Planning Services which ensures every penny of your pre-payment is ring-fenced until a funeral service is required.

We offer this service to a wide area of Shropshire, including Much Wenlock, Highley, Alveley and other surrounding areas of Bridgnorth. As funeral prepayment plans are administered by Ecclesiastical Planning Services, in association with a network of independent Funeral Directors throughout the UK, Perry & Phillips’ pre-payment plan is not solely limited to residents of Bridgnorth.

Funeral Prepayments are held in whole life assurance policies until a funeral service is required.

The Advantages of a Pre-payment Plan:

  • You can choose your own funeral arrangements for your own peace of mind.
  • You will save your family from making difficult decisions; trying to guess what you would have wanted, at a distressing time.
  • Choose from a range of set plans or a bespoke plan, tailored to your requirements.
  • Each plan usually includes an allowance for other associated costs, or “disbursements”, such as crematorium or cemetery fees.
  • Make financial provision for rising funeral costs.
  • The service will be provided by your local funeral director.
  • Anyone aged 18 or over can take out a plan. There’s no upper age limit and no medical health questions to answer.
  • You can make a lump-sum payment  or pay by monthly instalments – whichever suits you best.

Terms and Conditions apply to funeral plans, please ask for details.

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John Adams & Chris Adams accepting an award.Funeral Planning Services - Customer service award 2015. Business recognition award 2015.

Discussion & Awareness of Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

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