Funerals : Traditional

Planning a funeral is never easy,

When you suffer a bereavement, a funeral for a member of your family is the most difficult day of your life. Everything your family and friends ever thought about a loved one is expressed on that day.


Traditional Funerals.

Perry & Phillips can offer a wide range of cemeteries and crematoriums throughout Shropshire and the West Midlands, with both Cremation and Burial sites being used for all varieties of religious service. Please use the links below to view some of the crematoriums and burial sites we use.

Cremation Funerals

Please click on the links below to take you to the following Crematoriums.

For further information on Crematoriums please contact us at Perry and Phillips.

Burial Funerals

Bridgnorth Town council is one of our main council-run cemeteries, but there are many more churchyards and further more council-run cemeteries in this area. If you would like more details on these, please contact us at Perry & Phillips.

Woodland Burials, Green Burials and Natural Burials

Today, many more people are taking real control over their burials and are considering different sorts of funeral as an alternative to traditional religious services and cremations. The last ten years has seen a huge increase in the number of natural or green burials, which are seen as a more environmentally friendly way of returning the body to the earth and seem to offer a more holistic approach to the whole process of death.

For further information on burial funerals please read more below.


Perry & Phillips Funeral Directors are members of the National Association of Funeral Directors and act in accordance with The Code of Practice that sets out the high standard of service that bereaved families may expect from its members.


Being a Family run establishment, we also strive to ensure our environmental procedures are at the highest of standards and are constantly being reviewed. You can download our policy here below.

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